Education Programs

Through our teaching and learning initiatives at Weeksville, we highlight the rich historical legacy of the community, as well as the contemporary connections to its founding themes – empowerment, self-determination, activism & social justice, creativity, and culture.

Student Tours

We welcome tours for school or educational groups!

Student Exhibitions

Take a look at some of our past and current student exhibitions!

Professional Development for Educators

Weeksville is a special sort of classroom. Not only can it speak to history – with the land’s stories dating to pre-colonial times – it also has the physical remnants of that history on-site as well as deep connections to arts & culture. Through our educator training workshops and engagements, we aim to equip educators with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to incorporate historic sites as a resource in their teaching.

Interested in having Weeksville craft a professional development experience for your group? Please contact Erica Harper, VP of Learning Engagement at