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Current Exhibitions


Inheritance/SHACK is a socially engaged collaborative art project inspired by artist Beverly Buchanan’s vernacular shack sculptures – loose interpretations of the cabins that punctuate the Southern landscape. We gathered a group of thirteen community residents from Brooklyn to learn carpentry to design, build, and install shack-like sculptures (birdhouses). Community members engaged deeply with notions presented in Buchanan’s work surrounding domestic architecture as a cultural, economic, and environmental metaphor. Inheritance/SHACK is a space of inquiry for enacting rituals of collective learning, dialogue and speculative imagining about the meaning of inheritance, the cultural necessity of holding African American space and the cultural, symbolic significance of Weeksville.

In Pursuit of Freedom

In Pursuit of Freedom, a collaboration with the Brooklyn Historical Society and Irondale Theater, is a thought-provoking multimedia exhibition that explores the origins of one of the first free black communities in the country. This special exhibition encourages visitors to make discoveries and establish their own meaning about the significance of the pursuit of equity and social justice in america.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Artist-in-Residence: Eto Otitigbe
Iterative Fictions

Weeksville’s Artist-In-Residence program allows artists to research the archives and utilize findings to develop new work incorporating aesthetic and historical foci linked to Weeksville. Artists connect with local residents and community stakeholders through focus groups or advisory committees to establish thematics, spur innovative ways to present work, and equitably frame their relationships with the community. A final project is presented at Weeksville in one of our many presentation spaces, with artists encouraged to find unique ways to activate areas of the campus. 

Eto Otitigbe is our current artist in residence. He is interested in recovering buried narratives and giving form to the unseen. Eto is a polymedia artist whose interdisciplinary practice includes sculpture, performance, installation, and public art. He is an Assistant Professor of Sculpture in the Art Department at Brooklyn College.

His residency project, Iterative Fictions [IF], is a transformative journey that actively engages with the historical treasures housed in Weeksville’s archive. It seeks to digitize a selection of objects from the archive, transforming them into virtual replicas that will be made accessible online. These scanned objects will be the basis for sculpture and XR that inspire engagement in physical and virtual realms by installing a temporary sculpture and XR experience visible beyond the gates of Weeksville. The project aspires to intertwine history, storytelling, community engagement, and cultural incubation, inspiring a new way of experiencing and interacting with our shared history.

Past Exhibitions

Imagining Our Future

Imagining Our Future brings together eleven artists from Brooklyn and beyond. From healing societal wounds, strengthening bonds between each other, and becoming better stewards of our natural world, these artists speak to the collective nurturing of our immediate environments as we prepare to birth new worlds together. This exhibition is on view from May 9 to May 31, 2024 at the Weeksville Heritage Center.

40 ACRES: Weeksville

40 ACRES: Weeksville is a photo and video installation by Sandy Williams IV, an artist and educator, who’s work pays homage to the memory of Freedmen communities and acknowledges histories and social oppressions that are often unseen and paved over. 40 Acres is a multilayered public performance using the sky above Crown Heights, Brooklyn, as its stage. The exhibition was on view from February 10th – April 6th, 2024 at Weeksville Heritage Center.

Resurrect / Resistance

“What do Black communities across the diaspora need to resurrect to liberate and heal ourselves?”

“Resurrect / Resistance,” on view at Weeksville Heritage Center November 2 – 25, 2023, explored this inquiry with works by visual artists Deenps “Granbwa” Bazile, Marco Rios, and Josué Guarionex. Curated by Manuela Arciniegas and Erica Harper, the exhibition explored themes of ancestral and spiritual resurrection, along with self and community healing.

Home is Where the Hip-Hop Is

The “Home is Where the Hip-Hop Is” Exhibition showed at weeksville from November – January of 2023.

We explored the power of hip-hop through a collection of images from Ralph McDaniels, Ernie Paniccioli, Delphine Fawundu and Jamel Shabazz—photographers who have captured the spirit of NYC’s urban culture for over 30 years.

Black Exhale NEST

Beginning on June 1, 2022 a human-sized nest was constructed out of natural materials at Weeksville by a gathering community and young creatives from Recess Art’s Assembly program to build sanctuary space for those entering the Black Exhale “NEST”. The exhibition was on view through June 29.

Cash Rules Everything Around Me: So let’s start a got damn revolution

Brooklyn-based performance artist Ayana Evans presents a site-specific, public art project on Weeksville Heritage Center’s exterior windows from April 9–May 15, 2022. The installation featured a series of videos with images from Ayana’s performance archive combined with text highlighting statistics on mass incarceration and economic inequality in New York City.